What is Kolme?

Kolme is a project created to build a strong, co-operative network between young people who identify within the Baltic-Finnic minority cultures. During the project, the three participating organizations will organize one camp each: learning about differences, similarities, and common challenges.


         How can we express our     

minority culture through visual     

and lingual methods today?     

The first of the two camps will be held in July 2021, starting in Haparanda, Sweeden before traveling together to Kvænangen, Norway. The third camp will be held during the summer of 2022 in the Karelian area of Finland.

Kolme consists of different cultural workshops throughout the camps focusing on the local minority culture. Language workers will take part in the activities and encourage the use of Meänkieli and Kvääni in Haparanda and Kvænangen. Doing so we hope to strengthen the Karelian, Tornedalian, and Kveeni participants’ connection to the languages, and making them aware and proud of their roots, language, culture, and history. 

Practical information: 

  • The camp is for young adults between 18 and 35 years. 

  • It is mandatory for all participants to have a personal travel insurance. 

  • Kolme covers accommodation, meals through the camp, and rental cars/the cheapest means of transport for the participants.  

  • We do not know how the corona pandemic will develop towards the summer, and we take into account that we may have to cancel the camp. However, we are optimistic! 

    Do you want to join the adventure of Kolme?
    Please contact the youth organisation in your home country:

    Finland: Karjalazet Nuoret Suomes - Karjalaiset Nuoret Šuomešša, karjalazetnuoretsuomes@gmail.com  

    Sweeden: Met Nuoret, info@metnuoret.se  

    Norway: Kvääninuoret – Kvenungdommen, ungdom@kvener.no
    Registration deadline: 16th of May.