Fiction and nonfiction by Karelian, Tornedalian and Kveni writers and  about topics regarding these cultures.

Next to the information about Karelian literature you will find a red dot, Tornedalian a blue dot, and Kven a green dot. 🔴🔵🟢 

Testamente - Nina Wähä.jpg

Testamente - Nina Wähä

Hanna Aili (Met Nuoret) says:

A novel that captures what it means to grow up with eleven siblings in Tornevalley and their different paths in life. Takes place in the 1980s. 🔵

Populärmusik från Vittula

- Mikael Niemi

Hanna Aili (Met Nuoret) says:

Describes what it meant to be a teenager in Pajala in the 1960s and the feeling of being put of place but still belong. 🔵

Populärmusik från Vittula - Mikael Niemi.jpg
Smugglarkungens son - Bengt Pohjanen.jpg

Smugglarkungens son

- Bengt Pohjanen

Hanna Aili (Met Nuoret) says:

Pohjanens autobiography and a colourful description of living at the boarder after the Second World War. 🔵

Vårt värde - Katarina Kieri

Hanna Aili (Met Nuoret) says:

A poetic novel that brings up the subject of not speaking your parents’ mother tongue. 🔵

Vårt värde - Katarina Kieri.jpg
Mer än ett språk - En antologi om flerspråkigheten i norra Sverige.jpg

Mer än ett språk - En antologi om flerspråkigheten i norra Sverige

Hanna Aili (Met Nuoret) says:

A great introduction to the culture and politics surrounding meänkieli. 🔵

Kvenene - et folk ved Ishavet - Samuli Paulaharju

Åsne Kummeneje Mellem (Kvääninuoret) says: 

Paulaharju travelled several times to northern Norway to document the Kven people in Ruija. His stories and images gives a great impression of the Kven life in the 1920´s and 30´s. The book is also published in Swedish and Finnish.🟢 

Kvenene et folk ved Ishavet.jpg

Kvenfolkets 500 år ved Ishavskysten - Reidun Mellem

Åsne Kummeneje Mellem (Kvääninuoret) says: 
A true encyclopedia of the Kven culture! Higly recommended reading to get a summary of the Kven culture. 🟢 

Linus kaottaa Karhu Rievun - Anna-Kaisa Räisänen


Bente Imerslund.jpg

Kvener, skogfinner, tornedalinger, karelere, vepsere og ingermanlandsfinner - Onhan meitä vielä! Jo visst finnes vi!

- Bente Imerslund

In Norwegian. 🔴🔵🟢