"The language and our culture were marginalized, it was disgraced and diminished through centralization and boring Swedishness. But it never disappeared and will never disappear. For new voices sing, and a language of songs can never disappear."


Click the images. In the text next to the content you will find dots in three different colours. At links related to Karelian music and dance you will find a red dot, Tornedalian a blue dot, and Kven a green dot. 🔴🔵🟢 

Malmfältens Rockklubb

On behalf of the Minority Language Festival, Malmfältens Rockklubb has made an EP and an associated website in the minority languages ​​in Gällivare municipality. Homepage in Swedish and English. 🔵

malmfaltens rockklubb.png


Karelian band on Spotify. Lyrics in Finnish. 🔴


Live session - Laakson laulut med Höstorkestern

Live concert with Höstorkestern to celebrate Tornedalningarnas dag the 15th of July 2021. Swedish speaking and Meänkielig song lyrics.🔵


Mirja Palo

Mirja Palo is a singer, kantele player and artist living in Jokkmokk, North Sweden. Homepage with several music videos. In Swedish and English. 🔵

mirja palo.jpg


World music from Torne valley. YouTube account. Lyrics in Swedish and Meänkieli. 🔵



Zergeyth is a Karelian folk black metal one-man's band with lyrics in Karelian. Homepage in English. 🔴


The Magnettes

The Magnettes celebrate their roots and incorporate Meänkieli and the area’s old folk music into their infectious and inimitable glitter punk pop. Homepage in English. 🔵

The Magnettes.jpg

Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat

"Kurjas Karjalas" (Here in dog-poor Karelia ) on YouTube. Lyrics and subtitles in Karelian. 🔴

Santtu Karhu & Talvisovat.jpg

Hannu Brelo

Northern Karelian singer who composed and sang songs in Karelian. Link to his YouTube account. 🔴

Hannu Brelo.jpg

Enska Jakobson

Enska Jakobson is a Karelian artist. Music video on YouTube. Lyrics in Karelian. 🔴

Enska Jakobson.png


Band from Karelia playing ethno-trip-hop and world music. The  musicians use traditional instruments such as kantele, jouhikko, woodwinds and bagpipes and other (electric guitar, violin, cello etc.). Band mixes sounding of these instruments with electronic base and with vocals in livvi-karelian language. Spotify account. Lyrics in Karelian. 🔴


Malmfältens Rockklubb och Johan Airijoki

Singer songwriter from Malmberget/Malmivaara in Norrbotten County. Airijoki's homepage is in Swedish. Lyrics in Swedish. 🔵

Malmfältens Rockklubb och Johan Airijoki.jpg


Andrei Gorshkov is a Karelian rap artist. Since childhood, he has spoken both Russian and the Karelian language. YouTube music video Kalevalan runa in Karelian. 🔴


Trio Raisista

Music video for "Sangen om Ruija" (The Song of Ruija) on YouTube. Lyrics in Norwegian. 🟢

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Sarunmaa on Spotify. Lyrics in Meänkieli, Finnish and English. 🔵



Väärt has roots in and inspiration from its cultural heritage in Northern Norrland. Indie pop / rock with elements of folk music and prog. Homepage in Swedish. 🔵



Myllärit is a Karelian band. Link to the band's  Spotify account. 🔴


Loimolan voima

Karelian folk music on YouTube. Lyrics in Karelian. 🔴

Loimolan voima.jpg

Raj-Raj band

Raj-Raj band on Spotify. Lyrics in Swedish and Meänkieli. 🔵

Raj-Raj band.jpg