Celebrating Tornedalingarnas day: ONLINE CONCERT

Kulturföreningen Lava celebrates Tornedalingarnas day and together with the band Höstorkestern releases an EP in Meänkieli.

Where and when: 15th of July, at 20:00 Sweeden time On Facebook, free for all: Live session - Laakson laulut med Höstorkestern

2019 was the last time Kulturföreningen Lava organized the latest edition of the midsummer festival Aurinkofesti. Since then, there has been silence from the association due to the ongoing pandemic.

In silence, however, they have supported Höstorkestern to make an EP, Laakson Laulu, in Meänkieli, which on Tornedalningarnas day will be released online together with a gig that is broadcasted on the Kulturföreningen Lava’s Facebook page at 20:00 on the 15th of July.

The lyrics have been translated into various local Meänkieli dialects to show the breadth of the language.

- It is fun to be able to show what we have been doing after more than a year with restrictions. The work with the Tornedalian culture and language has not taken a break, says Hanna Aili from the association's organizing group.

Hanna Aili (left) from Kulturföreningen Lava and Kolme and projectcoordinator of Kolme, Vilde Walsø is looking forward to the Live session with Höstorkestern.

The gig was intentionally meant to be a part of the Nordic youth camp Kolme in Haparanda. When the camp could not be carried out physically, like so much else, the gig also had to go digital.

- We who work with the Kolme project have been looking forward to organizing the camp for our Tornedalian, Kven and Karelian participants this summer. Since the summer has been affected by the corona restrictions, we cannot carry out the camp, so we are very happy that everyone has the opportunity to see and hear the concert online, says Vilde Christoffersen Walsø, project manager for Kolme.

This is Sweden. With all its cultures, both new and old. From north to south.

Viktor Krutrök from Höstorkestern is happy to release the band's first EP in Meänkieli during Tornedalningarnas day, even though a physical gig would have been preferable.

- The language and our culture were marginalized, it was disgraced and diminished through centralization and boring Swedishness. But it never disappeared and will never disappear. For new voices sing, and a language of songs can never disappear. This is Sweden. With all its cultures, both new and old. From north to south. Long live multiculturalism!

The show is organized by Kulturföreningen Lava in collaboration with Kontaktnätet, Kolme and Met Nuoret with support from the Swedish Arts Council, Nordic Cultural Contact, the Norwegian Cultural Council & Troms and Finnmark County Municipality.

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