Kolme days to KOLME!

In just three days the projects first physical camp will take place. The name of our project is Kolme, which is the number three in our minority languages kvääni, meänkieli and karelian. Our project is built on this number, 3 minorities, 3 countries and 3 languages.

Youths from our three youth organisations Kvääninuoret in Norway, Met Nuoret in Sweeden and Karjalaiset Nuoret Šuomešša in Finland will travel to Northern Karelia, Finland and we will spend 5 days together. During our camp we seek to get to know one another and learn more about each other cultures, languages and history.

In this years camp we will participate in workshops in Karelian craft, dance, music and cooking. We also have made room to share about our backgrounds and experience, learn about each other languages, as well as culture and social activities such as taking sauna, playing games and seeing the area.

We are so very glad to finally get together, and are looking much forward to having a good time together at camp.


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