New start

The spring did not turn out as any of us had planned. The Kolme project - as many other projects - had to be postponed for one year. Instead of meeting in the beautiful scenery of Kvænangen in the northern part of Norway, this summer is spent planning even more for the upcoming events.

New Wrapping Project Kolme have recieved a new completely new wrapping: a new homepage and a new logo. The logo represents each year by three different colors:

Green for Norway, with the forests.

Blue for Sweden, representing the river of Tornedalen Red for Finland, a symbol of the color often seen in Karelian traditional crafts.

New coordinator

Also, Project Kolme have recieved a new coordinator and contact person.

From now on, Åsne Kummeneje Mellem, one of the board members of the Kven organization Kvääninuoret - Kvenungdommen will be in charge of keeping the project running until the Covid19-situation settles. Since the situation still is fragile we will not be able to organize a meetup this summer.

But watch out for updates!

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