Welcome to Kolme's digital toolbox!

When we started the Kolme project in January 2020, we planned for annual camps in the following three summers in Kven, Tornedalian and Karelian regions. Due to the corona pandemic, we were not able to go through with the camps in 2020 and 2021 as planned.

While we are waiting for the summer of 2022 and the camp in Karelia, we want to create contact, inspire, and exchange knowledge between our cultures in the ways we can. We hope this toolbox will introduce you to some new cultural expressions and knowledge about the Karelian, Tornedalian and Kven culture and language.

In the text next to the content you will find dots in three different colours. At links related to Karelian culture and language you will find a red dot, Tornedalian a blue dot, and Kven a green dot. 🔴🔵🟢 


Click the images to go to the topic you want to learn about.